Tuesday, 3 March 2015

L'oreal L'extraordinaire Liquid Lipsticks

I've seen a lot of great things being said about the L'oreal L'extraordinaire Liquid Lipsticks (well isn't that a tongue twister) so when Boots had one of their well loved offers on I snagged a few to try out.

A lot of the reviews of these lipsticks/lipglosses is that they have amazing durability and wear like a lipstick. I'm not too sure whether I agree with this yet or not, I mean; they apply like a lipgloss, have the shine of a lipgloss and in my opinion have the same kind of stick texture that a lipgloss has. So why are we calling them lipsticks?

There are only a few colours available currently, a selection of nude based colours and a selection of brighter red based colours. The two shades I have are 600 Nude Vibrato and 500 Molto Mauve; Nude Vibrato is one of those colours you can wear everyday with any kind of look, even though it looks slightly more coral from the outside, and for many people it's going to be a "my lips but better" colour. However, for me, Molto Mauve is nearer my lip colour and is definitely my favourite out of the collection; the colour on the label looks darker than it actually applies as well as being a little pinker on the lips than you would think from looking at it.

As I mentioned, these seem to be loved for their durability and longevity, and again I don't think I can agree 100% with this. I found as the product felt so sticky and present on the lips I was trying to be really careful to keep it on, however even with my carefulness I found I was having to apply another layer after a few hours in order to keep the colour looking as vibrant as after application.

I feel like I want to love them but I'm still in that non-committal phase, maybe if I keep trying I'll change my mind! Has anybody else found that same problems I have or have you loved them from the start?

Sunday, 15 February 2015

MAC Pro Conceal & Correct Palette

I always hear such good things when it comes to MAC Concealers so when I saw this Correct and Conceal palette I decided I should try it out as I have always needed something to help even out my skin; in some areas it's extremely red and I also have pretty bad dark circles under my eyes thanks to the endless amount of uni work right now!

The palette I have in Light contains 4 creamy concealers (NC15, W10, NC20 & NW20) as well as two correcting tones (Pale Yellow & Pale Pink) which work together perfectly to help correct any unwanted tones in your skin, and the best thing is that they actually work so it's time to say goodbye to those dark circles!

On most days I use Bare Minerals as my foundation so found this palette a little tricky to use as, because I had to apply concealer first, it would tend to look cakey or rub off after I'd applied my powder foundation. However this palette does work wonderfully with my other favourite foundation YSL Fusion Ink in shade B20; I had been looking for a concealer to work with this as my Collection Lasting Perfect just wasn't cutting it and this proves is the perfect alternative that I can apply on top of liquid foundation to make my skin look completely flawless.

The other great thing about this palette is that from the collection of shades it actually works pretty well as a contouring product, I always use the top two palest shades as my concealers so the slightly darker shade of NC20 on the middle row is great for contouring on pale skin as it isn't too dark or warm in it's colour.

Overall I have to admit that I'm pretty impressed with this palette, however I do kind of wish that I had waited a little longer until the Studio Correct and Conceal line came out here in the UK as it was originally the duo concealer from this line that I was interested in!

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Body Shaming - An Open Letter

Dear World,

I am so over body shaming.

A little while ago popular brand Victoria's Secret where highly criticised for their "Perfect Body" campaign (which granted the slogan was a little offensive) and many were quick to slam the company including the Daily Mail who created their own version of the advertisement. The Daily Mail remake (which can be found here) features the two following comments "Here, ten women of all shapes and sizes recreate the controversial advert, showing what a normal body really looks like" and "The fashion industry needs to realise women come in every size — and we are all perfect." At this point I would like to point out that the image from the shoot put together by the Daily Mail contained a group of larger sized women, not one there was any smaller than a size 10. The latter comment seems pretty hypocritical, there were a limited number of different sized women there, or is a size 6 not real?  This kind of response does not make the Daily Mail any better than Victoria's Secret, it makes them just as bad. 

Another similar thing that frustrates me is the popular song "All About That Bass" where Meghan Trainor tries to sing about accepting your body. Whilst everyone around me loved the song and would happily sing along to it, I sat there very uncomfortably listening to the lyrics. If I were to write a song where I had the phrase "fat bitches" there would be uproar, it just wouldn't be acceptable. So why do the same morals not stand the other way round. How is it acceptable to call smaller sized girls "skinny bitches" and suggest to them that they aren't desirable to men because "boys like a little more booty"?

I'm sorry Jill Foster, Meghan Trainor and the rest of the media who write about this, but who are you to tell us what a normal body looks like. I am a healthy size 4. Does this mean I'm not normal or that I'm not a real woman? Are these models not real women? I am something in the same realm of a mythical unicorn?

It frustrates me to no end that the media promotes being a larger size as the norm. I am tired of seeing criticism against someone who chooses to stay in shape or eat healthily. The world seems to be so against shaming those of a larger size but yet it is still acceptable to undermine women who are a size 8 or smaller. It's perfectly acceptable to have an advertisement for a plus sized clothing company on TV but if it were advertising a size 4 I'm pretty sure there would be plenty of complaints made about how the media is "pressuring young girls into being skinny".  Not every slim girl is starving themselves, although I am aware this is a very large issue, but some people are just naturally slim. Why should we be made to feel different and that we are not normal?

Now don't get me wrong, I have nothing against anyone out there who is a size 10 at all, but I feel there is an injustice happening against those of us who are a size 4 or a size 6 and not enough is being said about it. I wish that the media would realise that in trying to promote self confidence and a positive body image, they are ruining this for many other women out there.

Something needs to change. A woman is a woman no matter what her size or shape.

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Makeup Revolution Baked Eyeshadows

It seems that Revolution Makeup are the talk of the town at the moment; I see them everywhere on Twitter and bloggers seem to love them, so I decided it was time to see what all the hype was about!

I ordered myself a few of the Baked Eyeshadow pallets after I fell in love with the colours, the combinations and the metallic look they had. Out of the 5 available I ordered; Chocolate Deluxe which has golds and pinks, Bang Bang which is a collection of blacks & blues, Beyond Eden which has greens & golds and finally Pure and Innocent which is a collection of neutral browns.

My favourite has to be Pure and Innocent which is great for creating a smokey eye that's perfect for everyday. I also am a big believer in using opposite colours to your eye colour to bring them out so Chocolate Deluxe which has a range of pinks is another favourite of mine as it really does work well with my green eyes.

I had a little trouble actually using these to start with as I was using the wrong type of brush but once I figured that out I was amazed at the application of these products. Applied on top of primer these eyeshadows have such a vivid colour and really do create a good layer that lasts all day which really surprised me considering that each of these pallets are only £2.50 each!

I have to say this is one hype that I am definitely getting on and a brand that will now be my go to place!

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Ted Baker Shopper

I've had my eye on numerous Ted Baker bags, originally I was lusting over the plain black shoppers with a sparkly gold bow but recently they have been bringing out some amazing floral print products that I just love! Whilst I was in Birmingham shopping a few weeks ago I noticed there were products on sale in the Ted Baker section in Selfridges and so over there I went to go see what I could treat myself to. Amazingly I found this pink floral shopper which I bagged (get it - bagged!) for only £21, which is also available online and in store at Selfridges in a blue colour too. The bag itself is perfect for me, it's not too big but I can still fit all of my bag essentials in there; the only thing missing for me is that kind of small phone pocket that most bags tend to have, personally I think that feature is a life saver for making my phone easy to find! But overall it's pretty damn good, it't lightweight making it perfect for summer when you don't want to be carrying much around and it goes oh so well with the brights and floral trends everyone is loving right now.

Sunday, 29 June 2014

Favourite Lip Products

I've seen a Lipstick Tag going around but unfortunately I am not the biggest fan of lipstick, I'm yet to find one that stays well without making my lips dry, so instead here are my favourite lip products!

A little while ago I asked some of you bloggers what your favourite brand and shade of lipgloss currently was as I decided to venture into the sticky world of lipgloss. The one that was most highly recommended was Maybelline's Colour Sensational Shine Gloss so on my next trip to Boots this was top of my list to look at. Seeing as there was a 3 for 2 offer on I chose two very different shades; Cashmere Rose which is the pink and Stellar Berry which is the deep berry colour. Cashmere Rose is my favourite out of the two, I wear it over my Maybelline Baby Lips lip balm which gives a good base colour to make a coral looking lip which is great for summer. I picked up Stellar Berry as I'm a sucker for red lips or a very deep and dark pink so this shade is perfect for me, it doesn't apply as red but more of a very deep burgundy, with just one layer it becomes more pink but if you apply a few thick coats it really becomes this burgundy shade which although may not be appropriate for summer will be fantastic later on in autumn/winter!

In that same shopping trip I also picked up Max Factor's Colour Elixir lip pencil in Passionate Red with the hope it would be a good alternative for Nars' products. I absolutely love this product, it applies as such an intense vibrant colour, is smooth on your lips much like the Nars pencils and lasts well throughout the night no matter how many drinks you have! 

After a long wait I recently converted to Nars, I had been eyeing up which shade I wanted in the Satin Lip Pencil so when I was shopping in Birmingham I made a point to stop by their store in Selfridges and test a few out. My favourite out of the ones I tested has to be Rikugien. The lady at the store sold it to me as a 'natural' shade but personally don't agree too much with that; it's more of a darker and deeper rose pink, almost if you took Kylie Jenner's new favourite lip colour and added a sheen to it. But none the less I love the colour and how well it lasts, it's become one of my everyday staples and I can't wait to stock up on more of the Nars lip pencils.

Friday, 6 June 2014

Body Shop Brush On Radience

I remember when I was younger my Mom used to have some powder-balls that I loved playing with and ever since I recently came across the Guerlain Meteorites I knew I just had to have some! I saw these illuminating Brush On Radiance balls in The Body Shop for the first time last year and immediately had them on my 'need' list. A few weeks ago whilst I was searching for a blusher when I saw them again and, seeing as it also happened to be an outlet store, I though now was the time to actually buy myself some. I've never bought anything from The Body Shop before so I was a little dubious as to how good these would actually be but I have to say I think they're my new summer essential! They add a lovely glow to my skin and also provide a little bit of colour to my pale pale face! They do have a little bit of glitter to them but nothing that results in you looking like you're straight out of a Twilight film, just enough to give you a glow.