Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Boots Galore

1. Topshop  2. New Look  3. Zara  4. river Island  5. Timberland  6. ASOS

As the days start getting darker and the weather gets colder, winter is the perfect time to stock up on boots; from making a statement to comfort and practicality.

This season studs are everywhere and the combination of black leather and gold studs is definitely becoming a favourite of mine along with deep reds and rustic browns. Being as small as I am one thing I always look for are heels to add a bit of height, Zara provide the perfect boots, the heels are nice and chunky making them easy to walk in and the perfect height to not become uncomfortable spending all day in.

The Timberland boots I've had my eye on after seeing somebody around university who had them. They're completely practical for the forthcoming rain, ice and possibly snow and the fur lining for added warmth and coziness makes them even more appealing for the cold!

Now to decide which pair to save for...

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