Monday, 31 December 2012

Christmas Time

I hope everybody had a great christmas and spent time well watching films and eating ridiculous amounts of chocolate, I know I did!

Here are a few things I got for christmas off my family...

First off is a treat to myself, my old purse was falling to pieces and I'd been saving to replace it. So whilst christmas shopping in Oxford Street I popped into ZARA and got this wallet I have had my eye on for a long time. It's so big that for once I can fit everything in it!

I got these amazing UGG boot's from my Dad and they have been on my feet since I opened them, I don't think I've ever worn a more comfy pair of shoes, the sheepskin is so cosy and perfect for winter!

I also got this Soul Cal jumper which is such a lovely colour and is amazingly warm that I've worn almost every day with all this cold weather.

From my grandparents I got this wine colour (although here it looks purple) jumper from New Look which is also available in cream. It's so soft and fluffy I spend most of my time stroking it whenever I wear it!

My Mom got me some decorations for my room at uni including these bunting flags with my initials which match the ones my sisters have.

And finally, it wouldn't be christmas unless you get chocolate, my absolute favourite is this rocky road slab from Hotel Chocolat which contains all my favourite things, safe to say it's not going to last long!

I hope you all had a great christmas and have a Happy New Year and a great time tonight whatever you're doing! 

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