Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Made in Chelsea's Jamie Laing and his Candy Kitten's Breakfast

A few posts ago saw my review of when I popped into the new Christmas Candy Kitten's store in London. Just a few days later I was lucky enough to attend the Bloggers Breakfast event and chat to none other than Candy Kitten's creator himself, Jamie Laing, which makes up for the 6am start.

This time I managed to get a few photos of the store and some of the products available in there, however unfortunately as my camera is back at home I had to make do with some FABULOUS phone snaps.

It was such an amazing opportunity to get time to chat with Jamie all bout Candy Kittens and what his ambitions with the brand are such as opening up a permanent store... one with a slide and a ball pit inside. It's clear to see that he takes inspiration from huge brands such as Ambercombie & Fitch and Victoria's Secret, with his own beautiful "Kitten" employees in the store. It's safe to say that all of the ideas surrounding this brand and project are all going to be out there and very eccentric.

The brand is aimed towards young girls or around 14, however it's safe to say that Jamie's presence in Made in Chelsea has definitely had an impact on the success of the company, especially recently at Clothes Show Live, where hundreds of teenage girls crowded around to get a glance. 

With plans to expand further next year, it's safe to say that due to it's popularity already, that it will no doubt be a success. With plans to explore the confectionary aspect more including "pix-a-mix everywhere", Jamie also let on to that come January there will be a huge re-brand meaning lots of new items for you to get your hands on and possibly a new store.

Also a big thanks to Wraggamuffins for providing us with some amazing muffins for breakfast!

Finally I would like to say a HUGE thanks to Jamie, his kittens and Emerge Ltd for putting on this event for us bloggers and giving us the opportunity to dig a little deeper into the crazy brains and ideas of the brand and also a massive thank you to Jamie for being so willing to talk, literally about anything, considering the time of morning and for giving us each an item from the store, my new "Yea Boi" jumper is so cozy and perfect for the winter!

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  1. Thanks for the mention in your post Maddie :-) Glad you enjoyed the muffins, and your morning with Jamie.