Thursday, 14 February 2013

Happy Valentine's!

Whenever Valentine's Day comes around, all I want to wear are pinks, reds or pastel colours with lots of floaty styles and heart prints!

These are my favourite items that I would wear for today (if only I had plans), especially with the weather getting warmer, it's a perfect excuse to dress up in a skirt and light knit. 

Pink lipstick is also a must, a light, dusty colour would be perfect with these items. However the bright pink lipstick from Topshop caught my eye and would add a eye-catching pop of colour into any outfit.

What are your favourite Valentine trends?


  1. So many hearts! So little time! Adorbs!

    : signe (your newest follower)

  2. Think I want every single piece of clothing in this post! Especially the skirt! Love your blog

    Love India xx