Wednesday, 17 April 2013

The Size is Right...?

The internet today is a vast and quite scary space, which allows people to sit behind a mask and spout complete and utter nonsense most of the time. I frequently check my Tumblr account and browsing through I am guaranteed to witness at least on post which displays exactly this.

"curvy girls are real girls" and "a size 16 is a real women's size" 
are comments of this type that I regularly see, and quite frankly are the ones which annoy me the most.

As a petite female, finding clothes that actually fit a smaller figure is one of the most difficult and I feel that the petite generation of females are discriminated against more than those who are "plus sized".

I have gone into almost every store in the high-street and finding a size 6 or a petite range is almost impossible, which then leads on to shopping in the child's section and, as good as it is that it is miles cheaper, it feels almost embarrassing that I have to resort to this. 

When I have asked store assistants on why there are no smaller sizes, only a size 12 or above in stock, the explanation I receive every time is that, "We only stock one or two of the smaller sizes as hardly anybody needs them." There are also numerous companies and stores both in the high-street and online that cater for what is classed as "plus sized clothing"and almost every main brand store has a range, however finding a petite section or store is an almost impossible task, and if there is one they are very limited to what is available.

I, as a person of only 4"10, need a UK size 4 or possibly smaller if ever it is made. People who make comments saying that a size 4 or 0 is not a "real woman" and that these sizes "shouldn't even be made" are being just as offensive as saying that a woman is "fat" or "too big" and this needs to be recognised by society. 

So often I see talk of "thin privilege" and that those who are a smaller size have it "so much easier" and it is just not true, it is known by society that you "don't make fun of somebody for being fat" and "it's good to be a bigger size" however these comments does not appear to be held the other way around, rather that we should "gain some weight and be more normal".

I am in no way trying to offend anybody, only enlighten those who still feel that "skinny women aren't real women."

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  1. I completely agree with your statement here. Many people think that being "righteous" about body weight is slandering girls, who not necessarily are skinny, but are petite and claim that this is defense of a curvy figure. It's completely unnecessary. stigma over the "curvy" figure won't end if the skinny figure is criticised in a similar manner! I'm 5"10 so I don't have the smaller size problem but I completely support your view here!