Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Baby It's Cold Outside

1: Topshop | 2: New Look | 3:H&M | 4: New Look | 5: Zara

Winter is fast approaching which means it's only so long before we welcome in the rain, snow and coldness much to my dismay; in fact just as I got in today the heavens decided to open and there are currently puddles big enough to swim in!

Although this weather does tend to put a bit of a downer on everything, the one up-side to it means a whole new winter wardrobe and on the top of every girls list this year should be a fabulous coat. 

The Topshop Teddy Fur Peacoat seems to be everyone's favourite this year and to see that they have just released a pink version online fit the current trend of pale pinks perfectly!

New Look have some of my favourite boyfriend coats this year, I spent a while pining over the burgundy fur trimmed one only to find when I went to order it they had none of my size left in stock which may have broken my heart a little. 

The Zara coat I saw worn by Tamera Foster, one of this years X Factor contestants, and fell in love with it, it's simple and classic and I can never resist a good ol' fur trimmed hood.

At least winter gives us the perfect excuse to go shopping, after all you have to keep fashionably toasty when you're christmas shopping!

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