Tuesday, 5 November 2013

November Wish List

Dress: Miss Selfridge | Earrings: Topshop | Smock Dress: BooHoo | Ring: Vivienne Westwood | 
Boots : Topshop | Bag: Zara | Heels: Topshop

I can never resist a bit of online shopping and it's a habit that almost every day I'll check what's new in in my favourite stores, and it is the perfect way to spend my breaks from doing assignments!

Autumn time most commonly means that dark colours, especially deep burgundy, makes appearances everywhere and this year is no exception. From the progression of the tartan come the tapestry trend which I love for this time of year. The dark colours of the BooHoo dress which can be found at www.boohoo.com go perfectly with these vibrant burgundy heels from Topshop perfect for either casual or going out, however it may require a just as fabulous coat considering the freezing weather currently! 

As I said in my last post, this time of year I love anything that sparkles, and there's no exception in my wishlist this month. The embellished dress from Miss Selfrdge is perfect for a night out and caught my eye immediately, who never doesn't need a new party dress?

I have been looking for a new bag recently as all I appear to have are massive bags that seem a little unnessecary for just carrying my phone, purse and make up, so finding this bag from Zara was almost like fate! It's just the right size and I love the chain detailing.

 Vivienne Westwood became one of my favourite jewellery brands after trying on one of the embellished orb rings on in a small boutique in Lincoln. I've since gained a few items in my collection and now I have my eye on this pink version of the orb ring, I never can resist rings or a bit of pink!

So, that's it, my november wishlist, now if only I had the funds to turn wishing into a reality!

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  1. that boohoo smock dress is gorgeous!