Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Tuesday Treats

Yesterday I had a couple of deliveries which made my dreary monday morning so much better!

One of the benefit of being so petite is often being able to fit into children's sizes which is usually never a terrible place to look for cheaper alternates to items you can find in every high street range. Whilst browsing through New Look I found this waterfall tweed jacket similar to the one I posted yesterday that I had my eye on in my New In post. I can never resist leather and have been keen to add a little bit of tweed to my wardrobe after falling in love with some tweed blazers last summer.

I ordered the jacket in a few sizes as I wasn't too sure which I would need but luckily the smaller size fits perfectly and is  just right for layering over some winter jumpers without having to wear a massive coat to keep warm!

However, the real apple of my eye is the bag, isn't it just beautiful?! I love anything that sparkles so when I was browsing through ASOS this caught my attention straight away and seeing as I had some Christmas money left and it was 20% off for students I thought why not? 

I managed to get it on next day delivery and was pretty excited for it to arrive. Although I checked the measurements on ASOS it was smaller than I was expecting, which isn't too much of an issue as being tiny myself big bags only look ridiculous on me. The main problem for me was the strap as it was far too long for a petite girl and the bag rested as far down as my knees! Luckily I was prepared to make some alterations but found and easier alternative of crossing the straps inside the bag to make it shorter and now it's perfect.

I'm now off to show my new items off to the world, and by world I mean anybody who is in my lecture today!

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