Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Benefit PoreFessional - Worth the Hype?

After my disappointing review on the No7 primer recently, I decided to follow numerous reviews and recommendations and get myself Benefit's Porefessional. After splashing out and ordering it via ASOS I hoped that this would be a glowing review but unfortunately I was just as disappointed with this primer as I was with my previous one!

I have a dry combination skin, my cheeks under my eyes are awfully dry whereas the rest of my face tends to verge on the oily side. I had hoped that Benefit's Porefessional would be able to work with my skin to give me flawless looking foundation but when using the primer I found it actually made my skin more dry in certain areas. 

I tried a number of ways of applying the primer; using very little, using it only on certain areas, using a lot, but nothing has made this stuff work any better for me. 

I also then had problems when it came to putting on my foundation, it would become very patchy and streaky, as well as causing my brush to become covered in what appeared to be the primer itself. Again I tried  numerous times and ways to get it to work; using a brush, using my fingers, applying make up straight away and leaving a good 15 minutes before putting any foundation on but nothing seemed to help!

It seems a shame that among so many great reviews that this just hasn't worked for me. Although I'm quite disappointed with it, I must say that it is the nicest smelling product I have ever used and does feel silky smooth when you apply it!

So alas, I am still on the quest to find my perfect primer, let's hope that one day my prince (or primer) shall come!


  1. I've only actually tried the Porefessional Primer as a tester from the Benefit counter and i'm a bit dubious to try it for the price. I currently have the No7 Airbrush Away Primer which is average, still doesn't keep my make up on all day. I'm on the quest for a good primer too! Let me know if you have found a good one :)
    Charlotte x

  2. is a great prime :) really like it!!!


  3. I am exactly the same, I'm having such trouble finding a good primer! its almost an impossible hunt.
    Absolutely love your blog though, so I'm your newest follower

  4. I use this every morning and absolutely love it, however, I use it with two other products of Benefit Cosmetics. I mix together Porefessional, That Gal (face brightening primer) and the Hello Flawless foundation. It is a beautiful combination when all together and your skin feels light as if you're not wearing anything. Also, after a not so great night sleep I use boi-ing just under my else because it is an intense concealer.

    I hope you find something you love!