Monday, 17 March 2014

Hair Products I Can't Live Without

After years of bleaching my hair, using tons of heat on it, and refusing to have it cut in over 5 years whilst I've been growing it (I know, I know, what's worse is my mother is/was a hairdresser) , it's safe to say that my hair has become pretty damaged. Over the past few months I've found some saviour products which have worked miracles!

The Lee Stafford Argan Oil came as a treat in a gift bag from Company Magazine's Xmas Party, I'm usually cautious of oils as often then can leave my hair feeling greasy but this stuff is amazing! The first thing to note is the smell, it's absolutely divine, this oil leave my hair feeling silky smooth after drying it, so soft that I sit and stroke it all day!

Again, after a bad experience with some heat protection spray before which left my hair worse then not using, it's been a while since I last picked one up. Last year VO5 products were on offer and I decided along with some oomph powder I would grab this het protect spray. I use it quite generously on my hair and the bottle is still half full after 6 months of use so you definitely get enough for your money, which is great as it won't break the bank either. Personally I think it's done its job, when using hair straighteners to style my hair it stays pretty intact and not too damaged!

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  1. The Argon Oil sounds divine! Might pick it up! Lovely blog :) xx