Wednesday, 5 March 2014

No. 7 Colour Calming Primer Review

After reading more and more beauty blogs, I've become more influenced by them to make more of an effort. Last month I started using a foundation brush for the first time and just the other week, after seeing so many people rave over using a primer, I caved in and brought one which is what today's post is about.

After milling around Boots and looking at all the different options I decided against a high street brand one and was left to choose between Smashbox and No. 7. After hanging around waiting for a sales assistant at Smashbox for help deciding which would be best for me, when nobody turned up, I headed over to the No. 7 counter.

I went for a green Colour Calming primer which aims to minimise redness, a problem I have specifically on my inner cheeks right under my eyes and nose, hoping that it would allow me to use an even layer of foundation rather than adding 5 extra layers on these areas. 

Unfortunately I feel quite disappointed with it, I thought No. 7 would be a safe choice as they're usually quite commendable when it comes to make up and skin care. But, unless I'm doing something wrong with how I apply it, it's extremely hard to evenly spread and often leaves larger green patches where it won't blend in. It doesn't leave my skin feeling particularly amazing and the redness in my inner cheeks under my eyes is still pretty visible. It doesn't make my foundation any better either, in fact I think it actually makes it worse, usually it will last the day without looking like half of it has worn off, but when I have the primer underneath there's no even like feel to my skin and I feel I constantly have to be touching it up.

I've not been using it long enough to decide if since I've been using the primer as part of my daily routine it has made my skin has go to hell and become more blemish prone or if that's due to something else, I just can't decide whether to keep using it and see if it is the cause or quit whilst I'm ahead?

I think the main reason I chose this primer was the price tag, at only £10.50 I though it would be reasonable but now I think that you definitely pay more for better quality and next time will try out another brand, either Smashbox or Benefit's Porefessional.

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