Thursday, 3 April 2014

Rimmel Haul

Whilst I was browsing through ASOS as I do on a regular basis, I came across the Rimmel Wake Me Up and Scandaleyes collections which, to my delight, were on offer! In the past I really had trouble with cheaper drug store foundations, they would always look terrible on my skin and were far too dark, but after 3 years of sticking to Clinique I decided I needed a lighter, easy to wear foundation for days where I don't want to wear a full, heavy face of make up. 

I ordered the shade 103 True Ivory which when it arrived I knew would be too dark for me so quickly ordered the lightest shade that was available 100 Ivory instead. When the replacement arrived it looked pretty much the same shade as my 01 Fresh Alabaster Clinique foundation, just a fraction darker but seeing as summer is on it's way it just helps make me look that little more tanned!

The foundation itself has tiny bits of glitter in it, I can only guess this is to create the 'awake' kind of skin they are aiming for, luckily it's not noticeable when on your skin. I must admit I was very pleased with it; it smells amazing, has good coverage so only very little is needed, stays pretty well throughout the day and best of all my skin definitely looks more 'awake'! 

The concealer is the only product I think I won't get much use out of, it's just a tad too dark in comparison to the foundation and rather than hiding things, it just leaves a bit of an orange patch! It could be my application technique, but I think I'll stick to my £2 Natural Collection stick when it comes to concealer. 

The scandaleyes eyeliner is now one of my favourites! I accidentally picked up a thicker version when in Boots a while ago which was hard to use, but the micro version works perfectly, especially for creating perfect eyeliner flicks which I usually have trouble with! The mascara I ordered purely because I was running out of my previous one, I never have a specific 'thing' I look for in mascara so didn't know what to expect when I ordered this one. It comes with a shaped brush which helps curl your lashed and applies well, it leaves my lashes with a decent amount on so they look thick and full but doesn't end up clumped.

Overall I have to admit I'm really impressed by these products, especially when I managed to get all of this for only £10, and would definitely recommend them!


  1. I love the micro eyeliner, its perfect for the day as well. I'm on the look for a summer foundation, I don't like wearing a mat one when its hot

    1. I'd definitely recommend this one as a summer foundation, it's so light I forget I'm wearing any!

  2. Rimmel is my favourite drugstore brand, all their foundations worked great for me. Can`t believe you paid only 10 pounds, what a great deal!

  3. How I wish there's also Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation and concealer here in my country! :)