Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Babyliss Soft Waves Curler

For a while now I've simply used my hair straighteners to curl my hair, the only problem was that it would completely burn the ends of my hair every time leaving it looking, feeling and smelling terrible! Using my straighteners was great as it gave you complete control over how big the curls go, I prefer larger curls to small tighter ones, so when searching for a curler I had to look for the largest barrel available.

I'd previously seen an advert for the Babyliss Soft Wave Curler and had also seen a Youtube tutorial on their channel, I used this to gage an idea of the size of the curls it would produce which was great as my hair looked just a bit shorter than the model in the video.

I had to try it out as soon as it arrived, it as a really easy to use interface and heats up quickly, you get a heat-proof glove and mat which are great little extras and definitely saved my nail varnish from melting. The curler itself is quite long which is great for us girls with long hair, the barrel is a good size of 34mm, just a little smaller than a 1 inch I was looking for. It gives you the option to either wrap the hair around tightly and close together for tighter curls but I used it pretty loosely while spacing the hair along the barrel and slowly running it up and down my hair for larger curls.

Overall I was really impressed by the Babyliss Soft Waves Curler, it gave me just the size of natural looking curls that I was after and it gives you just as much control as using hair straighteners only it leaves my hair in a much better condition when I'm done! It was a little tricky to handle to start with but after a while you can soon figure out which technique is the easiest for you. What's great too is that it doesn't break the bank, in most places it's priced at £25 but after a bit of hunting I managed to find it on John Lewis for only £19.50. If you're looking for a curler to invest in I would definitely recommend steer you to whichever aisle the Babyliss Soft Waves Curler is in!

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