Wednesday, 21 May 2014

MAC All Blending Sponge + Pressed Powder

Whilst doing my usual browse through my favourite online stores I noticed that Debenhams currently have 10% off a whole load of beauty products which I just couldn't pass up on.

I have been contemplating whether to switch over to using a sponge to apply my foundation but just couldn't part with so much money on a Beauty Blender when I wasn't too sure it would work for me. Luckily I spotted this All Blending Sponge from MAC which was under £5 so thought I would try it out and see whether a sponge would really live up to the current hype.

After watching and reading multiple reviews on how to use a beauty blender I got a good idea of how is best to use it and little tricks like using the sponge damp so that it doesn't just absorb your foundation. So after a week of using my new sponge and getting to grips with it I've got to say it's been pretty amazing. Granted it takes me a little longer to now apply my foundation but it leaves it looking flawlessly applied unlike my brush which likes to apply more heavily in certain areas of my face.

I also got myself a new pressed powder, MAC tend to be pretty reliable; I've used a number of their foundations and am always impressed with them. The powder does exactly what I need it to, on long days in my extremely hot office it gets rid of shine and leave skin looking super smooth. Considering I use the lightest shade of most foundations I chose to get the powder in 'Light' which is great for me, although it may look a little too light it matches quite well and gets stops my foundation becoming orange-looking.

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