Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Ted Baker Shopper

I've had my eye on numerous Ted Baker bags, originally I was lusting over the plain black shoppers with a sparkly gold bow but recently they have been bringing out some amazing floral print products that I just love! Whilst I was in Birmingham shopping a few weeks ago I noticed there were products on sale in the Ted Baker section in Selfridges and so over there I went to go see what I could treat myself to. Amazingly I found this pink floral shopper which I bagged (get it - bagged!) for only £21, which is also available online and in store at Selfridges in a blue colour too. The bag itself is perfect for me, it's not too big but I can still fit all of my bag essentials in there; the only thing missing for me is that kind of small phone pocket that most bags tend to have, personally I think that feature is a life saver for making my phone easy to find! But overall it's pretty damn good, it't lightweight making it perfect for summer when you don't want to be carrying much around and it goes oh so well with the brights and floral trends everyone is loving right now.


  1. What a beautiful bag! I'm in love :)

    Mia xx

  2. This is such a pretty bag. Lovely post.

  3. Such a gorgeous bag, and you couldn't leave it behind for £21!

    S xo.