Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Body Shaming - An Open Letter

Dear World,

I am so over body shaming.

A little while ago popular brand Victoria's Secret where highly criticised for their "Perfect Body" campaign (which granted the slogan was a little offensive) and many were quick to slam the company including the Daily Mail who created their own version of the advertisement. The Daily Mail remake (which can be found here) features the two following comments "Here, ten women of all shapes and sizes recreate the controversial advert, showing what a normal body really looks like" and "The fashion industry needs to realise women come in every size — and we are all perfect." At this point I would like to point out that the image from the shoot put together by the Daily Mail contained a group of larger sized women, not one there was any smaller than a size 10. The latter comment seems pretty hypocritical, there were a limited number of different sized women there, or is a size 6 not real?  This kind of response does not make the Daily Mail any better than Victoria's Secret, it makes them just as bad. 

Another similar thing that frustrates me is the popular song "All About That Bass" where Meghan Trainor tries to sing about accepting your body. Whilst everyone around me loved the song and would happily sing along to it, I sat there very uncomfortably listening to the lyrics. If I were to write a song where I had the phrase "fat bitches" there would be uproar, it just wouldn't be acceptable. So why do the same morals not stand the other way round. How is it acceptable to call smaller sized girls "skinny bitches" and suggest to them that they aren't desirable to men because "boys like a little more booty"?

I'm sorry Jill Foster, Meghan Trainor and the rest of the media who write about this, but who are you to tell us what a normal body looks like. I am a healthy size 4. Does this mean I'm not normal or that I'm not a real woman? Are these models not real women? I am something in the same realm of a mythical unicorn?

It frustrates me to no end that the media promotes being a larger size as the norm. I am tired of seeing criticism against someone who chooses to stay in shape or eat healthily. The world seems to be so against shaming those of a larger size but yet it is still acceptable to undermine women who are a size 8 or smaller. It's perfectly acceptable to have an advertisement for a plus sized clothing company on TV but if it were advertising a size 4 I'm pretty sure there would be plenty of complaints made about how the media is "pressuring young girls into being skinny".  Not every slim girl is starving themselves, although I am aware this is a very large issue, but some people are just naturally slim. Why should we be made to feel different and that we are not normal?

Now don't get me wrong, I have nothing against anyone out there who is a size 10 at all, but I feel there is an injustice happening against those of us who are a size 4 or a size 6 and not enough is being said about it. I wish that the media would realise that in trying to promote self confidence and a positive body image, they are ruining this for many other women out there.

Something needs to change. A woman is a woman no matter what her size or shape.

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  1. Couldn't agree more, Maddie. Slim women shouldn't be made to feel bad because of their bodies. Well written!